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ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK!! Also you can email jesslared @ (without the spaces).

This item is a Pamela McCoy fur replica coat. It's beautiful and brand new, 35" walker length golden ranch mink. Size XS - Bust 36", Waist 27", Hips 37". It comes with two side slant pockets with warm hand lining. It retails at over $200 but the price here is $135. Designer name tag and an extra button is attached. This item is new with tags.


This next item is a Pamela McCoy genuine suede chocolate brown blazer. It's new with tags and features citrine rhinestone burnished stud detail and two front flap hand pockets that convert to welt style. It also has snap out washable underarm shields. From the center of the back to the end of the jacket, it measures 26". This is also a size XS with a bust of 36", waist of 27", and hips of 37". It retails for over $185 and the price here is $115. This item is also new with tags.


Third item up for sale is a Pamela McCoy gorgeous metallic blue genuine leather fully lined jacket with cutout detail down the front and around back hem. It's a classic tailored looking fit and is 22.5" from the center back to the bottom of the jacket. It also has an inside pocket wiht snap out washable arm shields. It's also a size XS with the designer name tag attached, and has measurements of bust 36", waist 27", and hips 37". It sells for $195 but the prices here is $140.

All shipping prices will be calculated when I find out the destination address! You will not be overcharged for shipping. Payment can be either money order or personal check (as the money goes to my mom and she doesn't use computers or paypal or any electronic payment sites)! If you want to see my eBay feedback, I can definitely link you to that, and my gothic auctions (if that site is still alive).


Haven't been updating much because I feel like everything I say is pretty much uninteresting and I'm not quite sure what to update ABOUT..

But for Halloween this year I was Abby Sciuto. I.. have yet to watch much NCIS but everyone in the world ever in my family has insisted I'm pretty much a clone so I figured it'd be not too hard to make myself easily recognizable as her.


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